Peak PKC0BO 400-Watt Tailgate Power Inverter

June 17, 2015 - Comment

Use the power of your car to power your tailgate electrics with the Peak tailgate inverter. This powerful unit, plugs into your auto accessory outlet or connects directly to the car battery and with 3 AC and 2 USB outlets, giving you plenty of options. Use this mobile power strip anywhere you want, in the

Use the power of your car to power your tailgate electrics with the Peak tailgate inverter. This powerful unit, plugs into your auto accessory outlet or connects directly to the car battery and with 3 AC and 2 USB outlets, giving you plenty of options. Use this mobile power strip anywhere you want, in the front seat to create a mobile office environment, back seat for DVD players or video games, or in the back for tailgating. Many uses in one unit. All connectors are included.

Peak, the brand you associate with quality car care products, introduces the 400 Watt Tailgate Inverter. This handy automotive oriented product converts your 12-volt vehicle battery power to standard household power for a variety of uses. Oriented similarly to a household power strip, the 400-watt version is perfect for tailgating as it features an extra long ten foot cord that can reach wherever you need power, three grounded three-pronged AC outlets and two USB ports. For ultimate flexibility, the 400 Watt Tailgate Inverter can draw power directly from your car battery via included battery clamps or via the also included DC power adapter.

The Peak PKC0BO 400 Watt Tailgate Inverter with included accessories The 400 watt 12 volt battery powered inverter powerstrip for your car.
View larger. The Peak PKC0BO 400 Watt Tailgate Inverter powering multiple devices simultaneously from the hatchback of a car All the mobile power you will ever need.
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The Power That you Need for Most Household Devices

To appreciate what mobile uses you could put the 400-watts of power this product generates toward, consider this:

Your average 32-inch LCD TV uses around 110-watts An average laptop uses around 75-watts DVD players use under 30-watts The leading mp3 player uses less than 5-watts of power Cell Phone chargers use less than 10-watts

This means that, when connected using the battery cables, this device can power your LCD TV, the leading video game console, your laptop, a DVD player, mp3 player and charge your cell phone all at once.* All that power in a compact and easy-to-operate design that stores under your seat or in your trunk when not in use.

Safety Features

In addition to all that power, the Peak 400 Watt Tailgate Inverter also includes several key safety features including:

Low voltage shut down and alarm automatically shuts the power strip off when your vehicle’s battery charge nears the minimum voltage required to start your car Overload and heat shutdown protection to prevent overheating or causing a fire Short circuit protection with a replaceable fuse to prevent electrical system damage

90 Day Limited Warranty

Manufacturer warrants to the original consumer, or purchaser, that this Peak Tailgate inverter will be free from defects in material and workmanship for ninety (90) days from the date of sale to the original purchaser. Manufacturer hereby excludes and disclaims any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, beyond those warranties specified above. Manufacturer excludes any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About Peak

Peak is a subsidiary of Old World Industries. For over 50 years, Old World Industries has been a leader in the development and distribution of automotive products of the highest quality. Old World’s insistence on quality and craftsmanship, and expertise in high technology and marketing, ensure that people around the world know Old World’s products provide the highest level of protection. Old World Industries’ commitment to quality is second to none. All Old World/Peak products go through rigorous testing at every level of production to ensure that they meet or exceed the performance requirements of every major car and truck manufacturer.

* Calculated using average power consumption of each class of product.

Product Features

  • Higher power mobile powerstrip for more versatile tailgating and for vehicle use
  • Three 110/120 volt AC outlets
  • Two USB power outlets
  • Short circuit protection
  • High/low voltage protection


James E Goldfuss says:

Peak inverter Initially this seemed like a good buy, it has three nicely spaced outlets where most inverters this price only have two and a decent capacity plus both a lighter adapter and battery leads. However after about 6 months of light use it ceased to work. Checked both fuses and they were intact. Opened it up and on further inspection one of the capacitors on the USB PCB was blown and it also smelled like the transformer on the main board was fried. Also the product is constructed of cheap internal components and the manufacturing process used to create it looks very sloppy (I work in the electronics industry). Despite the low price I wouldn’t recommend this.

Peter says:

Worked great for 2 months I bought this inverter back at the end of October and have used it for work almost every weekday. I used it to charge my Cell phone, Bluetooth headset and/or my laptop while driving. The fan is a bit loud but not really noticeable with the radio on or while highway driving. The inverter went on me yesterday. It kept on blowing my power socket fuses in my car. The fuses on the inverter are all fine. I’ve already contacted Peak about this problem and I am waiting to hear back from them. At this point I can’t recommend this product.

wildjim says:

Good for the 90 day warranty Worked great for 90 days. Able to power all types of devices with plenty of plugs. Fan does turn on frequently and is annoyingly loud and high in pitch. On the 91st day of ownership (Murphy’s Law) and the 1st day the manufacturer’s limited warranty expired, the fan failed and my car began to smell like burning plastic. Could be mine had a defective fan, but I never pulled more than 100W. 90 day life span for a 400W inverter under minimal use conditions… I’d look elsewhere if I were doing it again.

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